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Set It Up: El plan imperfecto
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Calificacion 5,8


País: USA
Duración: 105 min.
Año: 2018
Director: Claire Scanlon
Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye Diggs, Meredith Hagner, Shyrley Rodriguez, Faith Logan, Wai Ching Ho, Pete Davidson, Noah Robbins, Aaron Costa Ganis, Jake Robinson, Jeff Hiller, Doris McCarthy, Evan Parke

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Set It Up: El plan imperfecto

Set It Up
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Dos empleados descontentos urden un plan para que sus insufribles jefes los dejen en paz: hacer que se enamoren. Set It Up: El plan imperfecto


ollywood’s love affair with romantic comedies has always been a tempestuous one, marked by highs and lows, but the genre has found an enthusiastic new champion in Netflix. The streaming giant has begun churning them out with heartening regularity, from its unexpected hit “A Christmas Prince” to the outdated teen smash “The Kissing Booth.” Claire Scanlon’s throwback charmer “Set It Up,” Netflix’s seventh rom-com of the year, is its best so far — and an indication the genre might be gearing up for another revival. Set It Up

There’s one thing about rom-coms that hasn’t changed over the decades, though: the necessity of a charming pair of leads with kickass chemistry. Scanlon’s film boasts two such sets of stars:  and Glen Powell do the heavy lifting as the couple at the heart of “Set It Up,” while Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs offer up amusing supporting turns that help drive the tongue-in-cheek plot. Harper (Deutch) and Charlie (Powell) are both beleaguered assistants, trapped in tough gigs serving bosses who don’t understand that “The Devil Wears Prada” wasn’t meant to serve as an instruction manual for unhinged professionals. Harper looks up to her boss Kirsten (Liu), a pioneering sports reporter who has struck out with her own site that Harper desperately wants to write for someday, while Charlie is just hoping to tough it out with nutty Rick (Diggs) long enough to get a cushy gig at his investment firm., before megabudget tentpoles subsumed the bulk of adult moviegoing, but they appear to have a future on Netflix — for couples, at least, who have already reached the staying-in point in their relationship. A sunny, innocuous romcom that matches millennial neuroses to age-old Cupid’s-arrow contrivance, “Set It Up” makes a case for the genre remaining big, à la Norma Desmond, even as the pictures get small. Director Claire Scanlon and writer Katie Silberman’s slight, cutely bow-tied tale of two overworked young PAs tactically engineering a romance between their demanding bosses — only to (surprise!) fall for each other in the process — may be more frothy than it is actually funny, but in adorable stars Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch, it happens upon a perky pairing that might, in another era, have become a fixture.

West Coast
West Coast
Idioma Castellano
Calificacion Sin calificar
Año 2015
Duracion 80 min.
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Idioma latino
Calificacion 5.2
Año 2017
Duracion 96 min.
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