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El mundo es tuyo
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Calificacion 5.8


País: Francia
Duración: 100min
Año: 2018
Director: Romain Gavras
Karim Leklou, Vincent Cassel, Isabelle Adjani, Oulaya Amamra, Norbert Ferrer, Michael John Treanor

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El mundo es tuyo

Le monde est à toi
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Un traficante parisino que quiere dejar atrás la vida de delincuente acepta un último encargo en España, en el que no faltarán el amor, mafiosos y una madre controladora. El mundo es tuyo

Critica:To the near total exclusion of the white characters who typically dominate French cinema (with the exception of “Our Day Will Come” star Vincent Cassel, who holds a kind of honorary place in this Maghrebi gang), “World” centers on second- and third-generation immigrants, African and Arabic alike, fighting to assert their place in a culture that so often disrespects them — although they would never put it that way. These guys just want to get rich, which mild-mannered François (Karim Leklou) is trying to do the old-fashioned way, hoping to make an honest living by negotiating a contract to distribute Mister Freeze ice pops in North Africa. But François is kind of a dope, easily conned and not assertive enough to run a business, much less do his own laundry.

François lives at home with his domineering mother, Danny (Isabelle Adjani, embracing her half-Algerian heritage in hilariously flamboyant fashion), a self-appointed prima donna who lives in a nondescript suburban apartment but dresses like a Saudi oil-tycoon’s wife, with her oversize designer shades and extravagant headscarves. Reminiscent of Jacki Weaver’s imperious turn in “Animal Kingdom,” Adjani is the best thing about the movie, bossing her son around one moment and gambling away his savings the next. She’s not the slightest bit put off by his criminal activities. Au contraire, Danny can be a ruthless lawbreaker when the occasion calls for it — as in an early set-piece where she and a bunch of her friends pull off an elaborate shoplifting scam at Paris’ Galeries Lafayette department store.

To raise enough money to finance his Mister Freeze project, François agrees to oversee a major drug deal in Spain for his boss Putin (Sofian Khammes, a cut-up whose big personality and bizarre mannerisms feel a bit too eccentric), who sends along two of his least reliable thugs, both named Mohamed, to complicate things. For his part, François invites Henry (Cassell, amusingly thickheaded as an ex-con — soon to be one of Danny’s future ex-boyfriends) and bad girl Lamya (Oulaya Amamara), who’s not really interested in him but fancies the idea of a free trip to Barcelona.

Idioma Latino
Calificacion 3.8
Año 2018
Duracion 94min
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